Smart Drinking was established for helping to make better choices and reduce the damages against health and productivity.


We used the latest in tech, considered human needs & wants during alcohol consumption for the best impact. Worked with the best biochemist, researchers and institutions to formulate the best supplements to be taken at the right time for maximum impact.


smarter drinking & better choices made fun and easy

Our goal is to reduce the harmfulness of alcohol to health & productivity. Reduce binge drinking and harmful effects around alcohol.

That is why we created Smart Drinking Supplements together with companion applications.

Supplements to be taken at the right time to minimize the impact on health and next day productivity.

Applications to improve the drinking culture and making it healthier and less damaging to the body and mind by using simple reminders augmented and virtual reality and entertainment delivered via their smartphones.

The idea was to create a solution that people would actually use to get actual results.


We are pushing the borders a bit further also with the "right timing". By "right timing" we mean to collaborate with bars and beverage brands around the world to bring our solution to people at the right time and place.

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