360° drinking experience

360° virtual reality drinking experience-enhancing & educating videos

Smart Drinking: Feel the impact of our decisions while drinking

Tequila: Enhance the experience by allowing yourself to be transported inside amazing worlds & locations

Vodka: “It is said that Vodka is a drink for wise men”, so Immerse into entertaining learning opportunity in 360°

Beer: 360° virtual reality landscapes to augment the beer drinking experience and feel

Whiskey: Unique way to sip whiskey while teleporting inside of the amazing history of it 

Wine: Look around in 360 vineyards, how it's made and brought to you to elevate your tastebuds

Distilleries: Learn how your drink is made from the harvest until bottling in 360° to appreciate it even more

Cocktails: the Best way to get educated on how to make a perfect quality cocktail. Feels like he is making it just for you.

Cool Bars: grab a drink & teleport yourself into cool bars worldwide in 360° to feel like you are actually there

Experience 360° drinking games to feel like part of it yourself

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